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Every dose of TRIKAFTA® must be taken with a meal or snack that contains fat to help your body absorb the medicine. You can get some delicious food ideas below or head straight to CF Kitchen on Everyday-CF.com. Remember to talk to your healthcare provider or dietitian before making any changes to your diet.


Easy ways to add fat to your foods
Pour on extra-virgin olive oil Spread on butter
Mix in sliced almonds Mash in avocado
Morning meals Evening meals
Whole-milk cheese sandwich Tater tot bake
Oatmeal with whole milk, almonds, and fruit Macaroni and cheese
Bagel with peanut butter Quesadilla with whole-milk cheese
Whole-milk yogurt sweetened with sliced fresh fruit Pasta with pesto sauce
Chocolate chip pancakes Whole-milk cheese pizza
Morning meals 
Whole-milk cheese sandwich
Oatmeal with whole milk, almonds, and fruit
Bagel with peanut butter
Whole-milk yogurt sweetened with sliced fresh fruit
Chocolate chip pancakes
Evening meals
Tater tot bake
Macaroni and cheese
Quesadilla with whole-milk cheese
Pasta with pesto sauce
Whole-milk cheese pizza
Quick meals for when you're on the go
Chocolate pudding Strawberry whole-milk yogurt milkshake
Whole-milk mozzarella cheese Peanut butter with celery
Hard-boiled eggs  

These lists are not intended to be complete.

Visit fdc.nal.usda.gov for foods and their fat content. 


Avoid foods and drinks that contain grapefruit while taking TRIKAFTA because they may affect the amount of TRIKAFTA in your body.

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